Glitch Wave


Glitch Wave

A customizable glitch wave that moves through any text layer on an infinite loop

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Glitch Wave



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Apply to any text layers

At the top of the code under // Controls you can make edits to the wave speed, size, etc.

Code Preview

import type { ComponentType } from "react"
import { useState, useEffect } from "react"

export function onTextGlitchWave(Component): ComponentType {
    return (props) => {
        const value = props.children.props.children.props.children
        const [glitchText, setGlitchText] = useState(value)
        // Controls
        const waveLength = 5 // Number of characters affected by the wave at any given time
        const speed = 50 // Speed of the glitch wave

        const randomChar = () => {
            return String.fromCharCode(33 + Math.random() * (127 - 33))

        useEffect(() => {
            let pos = 0
            const interval = setInterval(() => {
                let newText = value
                    .map((char, index) => {
                        if (index >= pos && index < pos + waveLength) {
                            return randomChar()
                        return char


                // Move the wave through the text
                pos = (pos + 1) % (value.length + waveLength)
            }, speed)

            return () => clearInterval(interval)
        }, []) // Effect runs on mount only

        return <Component {...props} text={glitchText} />

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